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Ultimate Kid Parties...Made Easy!

Ultimate Kid Parties is a comprehensive online master course class with everything you need to plan an amazing kid party by yourself from start to finish.    


"I wish I could do that, but don't know where to begin!" 

"I bet that costs so much money!"

"I'm not very creative.  There's no way I could make something so pretty!"

"I want to have a party like that, but can't find the time to pull it together!"

"I would love to throw a creative and unique party, not just your standard grocery store cake and balloons!"

Chances are, you've had at least one of these thoughts. Well, I'm here to tell you that YOU can throw the Kids Party of your dreams - no prior experience required you guys, I promise!  All you need is some heart and soul, and I'll help you get through the rest! I know it can seem extremely overwhelming, but I also know that many of you have that deep desire to be able to pull off a great party and become the "hostess with the mostest" that you've always dreamt about!  Here's the catch - you get to enjoy your own party, too!

Ever see an amazing kids party on Pinterest and think:

In my course: Ultimate Kid Parties you will learn how to throw an amazing party from start to finish which includes the following course lessons: 


  • Deciding upon a unique theme

  • Developing your pinterest inspiration board 

  • Choosing a venue

  • Invitations 

  • Sourcing supplies and decor items

  • Online vendors and resources

  • Decorating and setup

  • Tablescapes

  • Centerpieces

  • DIY crafting

  • Month, week, and day of scheduling

  • Food buffet and cake table

  • Photographing your event

  • Kids entertainment

  • Music/mood

  • Rentals

  • Hiring help

  • The art of a goody bag

  • Something for the adults

  • Parties on a budget

  • Enjoying the whole shebang without stress

  • Checklists, cheat sheets, templates and much more!

When you enroll in my course, you'll get my comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to follow guide that will lay it all out for you - my "tricks of the trade", the stuff that I don't tell to just anybody - my secret sauce, if you will!   And there's one more thing - you'll have personal access to me - to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and I'll be your party partner in crime.

By planning amazing parties for your kids, I know you are committed to making memories for your little ones that will last a lifetime.  How many times have you looked at pictures of yourself from your own childhood celebrating a birthday?  This is the stuff that life is made of: memories of great times at great parties.  

By now, I'm sure you have a few questions. Let me help you out!


Registration for "Ultimate Kid Parties" OPENS in January 2017.  

Want early access, or to hear about course updates? Our email list will receive first notification of open enrollment. Sign up here!


The 'Ultimate Kid Parties' master course is perfect for you if:

  • you want to learn how to throw an amazing kids party from start to finish

  • you love DIY'ing, crafting, or making your own centerpieces

  • the staff at Michael's, JoAnn's, or Hobby Lobby know you by name

  • you wish you knew how to pull together a party theme that is unique

  • you want to plan a great party on a small budget

  • you want to create amazing memories for your children

  • you are interested in planning parties for other people as a business venture

  • you look at your friends' parties and wish you could make a great party like they do

  • you've never planned a kids party before

  • you feel overwhelmed when figuring out the entertainment for a kids party

  • you have planned kid parties before, but want to take your parties 'up-a-notch'

  • you love looking at amazing parties on Pinterest, but need help in re-creating them for yourself

  • you want to plan a party without all the stress that makes you not enjoy it!


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Emily has years of party throwing experience, from kids parties, adult parties, to surprise parties - you name it. As a party contributor for Project Nursery, not to mention throwing numerous parties for 3 kids of her own, Emily's parties are admired online and in print around the globe. Her work has been featured by some of the biggest party planning blogs, and she's recently just completed a "tablescape design challenge" for Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville. Emily has a proven, step-by-step approach to planning kids parties that will take the stress out of it and help you create amazing parties of your own! 

The Buzz


Michele Blecher | Los Angeles, CA

"I love planning events with Emily because it takes all of the stress out of party planning. For those of us who did not grow up having Martha Stewart as a mother, Emily is your secret weapon.  She breaks everything down into small do-able steps.   Emily was born to plan parties, it is as if it's in her genetic make-up."

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