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Hi, I'm Emily.

Hey guys!  I'm Emily, and parties are my passion. As in, my party pants are like permanently on here, people! I'm always looking for a reason to gather a group of friends and family members for a birthday/dinner/weird internet holiday (side note: January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day - who's in?) 

After a few years throwing my parties, I noticed something. Not only did I love doing it, but I was actually pretty darn good at doing it! At the urging of countless friends and family members, specifically my husband who was all "Um, when are you going to turn this expensive hobby of yours into a business, honey?",  Entertaining with Emily was born.

So, who am I? I'm a wife, mom of three little munchkins for whom I love throwing parties.  I've got a design background in interior architecture, from which I pull my love of symmetry, clean lines, and balance into everything I create.  I never met a can of spray paint I didn't like, as I have an inherent need to alter everything...just a little bit.

Entertaining with Emily features a comprehensive gallery of my own work, my blog with loads of new and fun party ideas, and most importantly, my Online Course: Ultimate Kid Parties in which you can enroll and learn all about how I do 'what I do', so that you can be a party rock star in your own right!



The Buzz


Jennifer Hill | Tampa, FL

"Working with Emily is an absolute dream. Her attention to detail is impeccable, she shows you how to coordinate everything starting with the invite down to little bites of food. She also taught me to source out things for my events so that I didn't stress the day of and could actually enjoy myself at my own party. When looking for inspiration for your next party, Emily is your girl, she nails it every single time!!"


Mariana Flynn | Los Angeles, CA

"There's no one out there with better taste or creative vision when it comes to parties and designs. Her ability to capture a theme and elevate it to the next level is incomparable. She's developed a very easy "how to" guide with her course and what I love the most is being able to easily replicate her brilliant projects." 


Becca Apfelstadt | Columbus, OH

“Entertaining with Emily came to the rescue helping me plan the details for a ‘Superhero’ theme for an adult dinner party. Emily quickly honed in on a style and focal point that served as the foundation for all of the purchases, one that was brilliant at moving away from the kid feeling: focusing on the pop art style. She compiled ideas in an email with links and explanations and tips that were so helpful. And I got a Pinboard to see more about how her brain was working as she researched. She’s so talented! Ultimately, I ended up selecting a large variety of the items she suggested, even trying my hand at some crafty things I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do on my own. It looked like a professionally-hosted event right in my own home. I highly recommend her training and courses!”

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