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Hang Ten, Dude! See Maverick's Big Boy Cali Surf Room Update!

Three and a half years ago (tear...), I posted photos of Maverick's Nautical Nursery, which I had designed. I used a pale blue and white color palette and accented the room with sailing decor - sailboats, a boat helm, anchors, and other nautical elements. I adored this room!!! Cut to three and a half years later - Maverick is now a busy boy, and we decided that it was finally time for a big boy bed!

I wanted to change up his room slightly, but not a full on overhaul. Think of it as a mini-makeover of sorts. I wanted to keep the same paint on the walls, curtains, carpet, and sofa. Here's a picture that shows the before (nursery) and the after (big boy room)!

I thought long and hard about a type of room that I could make for him while still keeping with his original color scheme for the most part when finally it hit me!

When Maverick when born, a friend of mine had given me a book called, quite simply "Maverick's". It's a book about the aforementioned surfing location in northern California and how its huge winter waves attract the world's best big wave surfers.

I'd had this book sitting on a shelf in Mav's nursery, and when I was looking to do an update for his room, I knew that this could be a great starting point for a theme!

A California Surf themed room for our Maverick would be perfect! I mean, why not? His name is Maverick, we live in California, he loves the beach, and maybe someday he'll love to surf!

Like I said before, I only wanted to change out accessories and decor for his big boy room update. I added in a darker navy blue color as well, in an effort to make his room seem less like a nursery.

We swapped out his crib for a full size bed, removed his baby changing table, moved his sofa/rocker, changed out hardware on the cabinets, and added new surf themed accessories and decor.

I love that his new bed has a coastal look to it, along with the "dogs on surfboards" sheets which Mav loves! These items, along with awesome giant plush octopus, are all from Pottery Barn Kids.

Most of the decorative accessories were found at Homegoods. They have a truly awesome "coastal' decor section that I wanted to go bananas in!

I found the surfboard (the one above his bed) there. It was painted in different colors and I simply repainted it to match his room. I then re-used his rope name letters (which used to hang above his old crib) and mounted those to the surfboard. It really gives them a completely different feel, but they still work with the theme of his room!

I did have some fun with a little DIY project I spied on Pinterest - I made the little mason jar with the VW bus, shell, sand, and palm tree in it. Isn't it cute? Perfect for his nightstand. I made sure to glue that lid shut, too!

I really love how his whole room came together! It's proof that you don't totally have to re-do a room to make it look like a different place. Here's a few more remaining photos of some more details from his room!

Here's a little list of where I sourced most of the items for Maverick's Cali Surf Room Update in the above pictures!

  • Mason Jar with Beach Scene: DIY Emily Klaparda

  • Wooden "Surf" Sign: Homegoods

  • Metal Crab and Whale: Homegoods

  • Wooden Beach Arrow Sign: Homegoods

  • Wooden Turtle: Homegoods

  • Sate of CA Bookends: Homegoods

  • Decorative Coral and Starfish: Homegoods

  • Wood Beach Container: Homegoods

  • No Shirt No Shoes Sign: Homegoods

  • Rope Letters on Surfboard: Alaska Rug Company

  • Surfboard on Wall (Custom Painted):Homegoods

  • Surfer Crossing Yellow Triangle Sign: World Market

  • Mavericks California Surf Metal Sign: Amazon

  • Surfboard Wall Hooks (Custom Painted):Amazon

  • Navy and White Rugby Stripe Knobs: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Navy and White Stripe Lamp shade: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Navy and White Stripe Storage Totes: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Shark Slippers: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Ride the Wave Wall Art: Target

  • VW Surf Bus Piggybank: Amazon

  • Medium Plush Toothy Shark: Jellycat

  • Large Plush Wowser Wilber Whale: Jellycat

  • Surf board pillow: Target

  • Varsity "M" Monogram Pillow: Target

  • Giant Plush Octopus: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Star Decorative Pillow: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Kowa Bunga Throw Pillow: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Navy Duvet Cover: IKEA

  • Navy and White Rugby Stripe Euro Shams:Pottery Barn Kids

  • Navy and White Rugby Striped Quilt: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Surf Dog Sheet Set: Pottery Barn Kids

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!!


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