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Making a Splash with Liesl's Under the Sea Bash

Dive 'Under the Sea' for Liesl's bright and festive 7th birthday party! My daughter Liesl, is animal obsessed. I mean, completely in love with animals of almost any kind. For her 7th birthday party, she told me (almost 9 months in advance, mind you) that she wanted to have a mobile aquarium to come to our house for her next birthday! Ok, I thought - well that's a tall order, but I'll see what I can do! So, I got to work and found that I could, indeed, rent a "mobile touch

Spooky Fun: Halloween Milk Bottle Drinks

Just wanted to do a quick post today - it's just a few days until Halloween and I'm sure many of you are knee-deep in planning for a Halloween party or get-together! Here's a fun take on an idea to make some super spooky milk bottles for your drinks! To make these milk bottles, I used a cutting machine (like a Silhoutte or Cricut) and cut out SVG files for all different kinds of Halloween characters - vampire, witch, mummy, jack-o-lantern, bats, ghost, and Frankenstein. I u

Blogity Blog, Blog, Blog

Ok guys, here.........we.......GO! I've only sat down to do this about 15 times in the past 3 months. I'm giving myself a giant pat on the back. I've wanted to start blogging my stuff and other inspiration, but sometimes it just seems so overwhelming! If any of you out there have any tips for this newbie blogger, please, show me what ya got! Ok, so now that I'm actually here and somewhat committed, what the heck and I going to write bout? Well, I guess I will tell you a l

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